Preventive Maintenance

Deterioration of electrical equipment depends on the conditions of operation and maintenance provided to it. Consequences of electrical equipment degradation can cause catastrophic equipment failures that may end with a loss of property or personnel. Electrical preventive maintenance and testing allows the early detection of the deterioration of electrical equipment before it turns into a potential hazard.  By establishing a periodic preventive maintenance program, the life of the equipment can be extended.

Tony Demaria Electric, Inc. (TDE) recognizes the fundamental rules of electrical equipment preventive maintenance as:

  1. Keep the electrical equipment dry.
  2. Keep the electrical equipment cool.
  3. Keep the electrical equipment clean.
  4. Keep the electrical equipment tight.

TDE applies the essence of the fundamental rules of maintenance in addition to its expertise on the matter, in order to provide the best maintenance and testing services.

TDE assists its customers on the development of their maintenance programs and specifications accordingly to their needs.

TDE recommends the use of NETA‘s 2007 Standard for Maintenance Testing Specifications, Appendix B for the recommended maintenance and inspection frequency of each type of electrical equipment. TDE can provide the maintenance and inspection services for any electrical equipment available in the power electric industry.

TDE recognizes that any maintenance will extend equipment life, but not indefinitely. All equipment is subject to failure at any given time. TDE’s continuous upgrading of its test equipment allows its technicians to perform electrical tests with more detail. This leads to increased reliability of test equipment and can determine the end of the life of the electrical equipment tested. TDE supports its customers with their equipment replacement needs.

TDE offers the following inspection and testing services for the following items:

  • Switchgear and Switchboard Assemblies
  • Transformers, Dry-Type, Air-Cooled, Low-Voltage, Small
  • Transformers, Dry-Type, Air-Cooled, Large
  • Transformers, Liquid-Filled
  • Cables, Low-Voltage, Low-Energy
  • Cables, Low-Voltage, 600 Volt Maximum
  • Cables, Medium- and High-Voltage
  • Metal-Enclosed Busways
  • Switches, Air, Low-Voltage
  • Switches, Air, Medium-Voltage, Metal-Enclosed
  • Switches, Air, Medium- and High-Voltage, Open
  • Switches, Oil, Medium-Voltage
  • Switches, Vacuum, Medium-Voltage
  • Switches, SF6, Medium-Voltage
  • Switches, Cutouts
  • Circuit Breakers, Air, Insulated-Case/Molded-Case
  • Circuit Breakers, Air, Low-Voltage Power
  • Circuit Breakers, Air, Medium-Voltage
  • Circuit Breakers, Oil, Medium- and High-Voltage
  • Circuit Breakers, Vacuum, Medium-Voltage
  • Circuit Breakers, SF6
  • Circuit Switchers
  • Network Protectors, 600 Volt Class
  • Protective Relays, Electrical/Mechanical and Solid-State
  • Protective Relays, Microprocessor-based
  • Instrument Transformers
  • Metering Devices
  • Regulating Apparatus, Voltage, Step-Voltage Regulators
  • Regulating Apparatus, Voltage, Induction Regulators
  • Regulating Apparatus, Current
  • Regulating Apparatus, Load Tap-Changers
  • Grounding Systems
  • Ground-Fault Protection Systems
  • Rotating Machinery, AC Induction Motors and Generators
  • Rotating Machinery, Rotating Machinery, Synchronous Motors and Generators
  • Rotating Machinery, Rotating Machinery, DC Motors and Generators
  • Motor Control, Motor Starters, Low-Voltage
  • Motor Control, Motor Starters, Medium-Voltage
  • Motor Control, Motor Control Centers, Low-Voltage
  • Motor Control, Motor Control Centers, Medium-Voltage
  • Adjustable-Speed Drive Systems
  • Direct-Current Systems, Batteries, Flooded Lead-Acid
  • Direct-Current Systems, Batteries, Nickel-Cadmium
  • Direct Current Systems, Batteries, Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid
  • Direct-Current Systems, Chargers
  • Direct-Current Systems, Rectifiers
  • Surge Arresters, Low-Voltage Surge Protection Devices
  • Surge Arresters, Medium- and High-Voltage Surge Protection Devices
  • Capacitors and Reactors, Capacitors
  • Capacitors and Reactors, Capacitor Control Devices
  • Capacitors and Reactors, Reactors (Shunt and Current-Limiting), Dry-Type
  • Capacitors and Reactors, Reactors (Shunt and Current-Limiting), Liquid-Filled
  • Outdoor Bus Structures
  • Emergency Systems, Engine Generator
  • Emergency Systems, Uninterruptible Power Systems
  • Emergency Systems, Automatic Transfer Switches
  • Telemetry/Pilot Wire/SCADA
  • Automatic Circuit Reclosers and Line Sectionalizes,
  • Automatic Circuit Reclosers, Oil/Vacuum
  • Automatic Circuit Reclosers and Line Sectionalizes
  • Automatic Line Sectionalizes, Oil
  • Electrical Safety Equipment
  • System Function Tests
  • Thermo-graphic Survey
  • Electromagnetic Field Testing
  • Corona Studies