Emergency Response

In the event of an electrical power equipment emergency, there are many variables to consider when deciding which company you should select to provide services in emergency situations.  The following should be taken in consideration prior to making this decision:

  • Tony Demaria Electric, Inc. (TDE) is a 24/7 electrical contractor with specialized teams of personnel prepared to service all of your electrical needs.
  • TDE’s main strength is the experience, training, and ability of its employees. Our technicians are full-time, with some having more than twenty-five years of experience with the company.
  • TDE’s experience in the field has built long-standing relationships with manufacturers and distributors of electrical equipment.  These relationships are key in providing TDE with efficient and custom solutions which minimize the downtime involved in most emergency situations.
  • TDE is firmly committed to maintaining a safe and healthful working environment. We take pride in our comprehensive safety program which  is designed to prevent workplace accidents, injuries and illnesses.  Our technicians are constantly being trained on safety items, and our program is continuously being updated as safety needs in the high-voltage electrical industry evolve.


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