Did You Know?

Tony Demaria Electric, Inc. has long been an industry leader in providing high-end electrical acceptance, maintenance, troubleshooting, and testing services in Southern California. What many of our customers don’t know is that we have been working tirelessly to expand our range of services.

Our goal is to become your first and only choice for all of your electrical service needs. We want our customers to have the peace of mind knowing it will only take one call to
get the job done. Here is a list of services that you might not know we offer:

Test Data Management

tde-test-data-managementTDE utilizes PowerDB, a software used for the collection and reporting of data from maintenance and inspection activities performed on equipment used in the generation, transmission, and distribution of electric power. The main feature of the software is the ability to create customizable test forms that assure you get the equipment information and test data your company requires. Our test forms are based off of NETA MTS/ATS standards, insuring quality inspection and testing procedures are followed. Additional software features include:

  • Ability to trend test data
  • Produce maintenance schedule & compliance reports
  • Store equipment manuals, settings, & drawings
  • PowerDB Lite – Free software that will allow our customers instant access to their data

TDE can be your one stop shop for equipment data management.

Relay Services

tde-relay-servicesA properly functioning relay is crucial to assuring that your system performs appropriately under system fault conditions. Almost all power systems use relays for control and safety. Like any other piece of equipment, to assure the relay is functioning correctly it must be properly maintained and tested. TDE has spent the last decade building its relay services department. TDE technicians have gone through intensive training and have attained immense amounts of experience dealing with all types of relays from electromechanical to solid-state, micro-processing relays. Utilizing state-of-the-art Doble relay testing software and equipment, TDE offers premier relay programming, testing, and logic development services.

Safety & Technical Training

TDE understands that one of the keys to running a safe and efficient facility is having trained and qualified personnel on staff. TDE offers both technical and safety training that will keep your employees up-to-date with the latest safety, maintenance and operation practices.

Offering a wide selection of courses that utilize both lecture and hands-on training methods, TDE can also design a training course to fit the specific needs of your company. Whether the training is held at our facility, which features a fully equipped
training substation, or at your facility, TDE is ready to help you take your safety, maintenance, and operations performance to the next level. Visit our website for more information.

Oil Diagnostics & Leak Repair

tde-oil-leak-repairTDE has now partnered with Weidmann Diagnostic Solutions to offer a full range of oil diagnostic services. TDE technicians are trained to draw oil samples properly from equipment, whether the equipment has been shutdown or is still energized. These samples are sent to Weidmann where they are put through a series of diagnostic tests, such as DGA (Dissolved Gas Analysis). The results are then analyzed, with Weidmann turning that data into actionable information that can help develop engineering plans enhancing the performance of your equipment and reduce the cost of ownership.

In addition to oil diagnostic services, TDE also offers:

  • Oil leak and bushing repair services
  • Oil replacement and filtration
  • Onsite oil dielectric strength testing

When it comes to oil-filled equipment, TDE has you covered from top to bottom.

Field Motor Services

tde-field-motor-servicesMotors are often one of the most critical pieces of equipment in a facility. When critical motors go down they often affect important facility processes, costing your company money. TDE can provide you with the field services needed to keep your motors performing at a high level. TDE offers the following:

  • Proven inspection and testing standards to provide high-end acceptance and maintenance services
  • Experienced technicians who can troubleshoot and make repairs to get you back online
  • CO2 and steam cleaning services

With our unique partnership with Demaria Motors, a premier motor repair and winding shop, TDE has the skill, tools, and resources to handle all your motor needs


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