Demaria Electric was created in 1977 by Anthony Demaria Sr. with the support of his sons. It began by offering electrical services to the maritime and fishing industries in the Los Angeles and Long Beach Harbor. After decades of hard work and continuous improvement, the company grew and expanded its capacity, as well as its line of services. Such services include the knowledge of large electrical equipment for customers including the area’s oil refineries.

With the retirement of Anthony Demaria Sr., his sons continued with the evolution of the business and established a solid base for the creation of two new companies. Demaria Electric Motor Services Inc. specializes in large electrical motors, with Daniel Demaria as the president-owner. Tony Demaria Electric, Inc. (TDE) focuses on electrical maintenance and testing of electrical equipment and apparatus, with Anthony Demaria Jr. as the president-owner.

TDE has been growing into one of the premier maintenance and testing companies in Southern California. In 2004, TDE became a full NETA accredited company. Anthony Demaria Jr. participates actively in the NETA organization. He and some of his employees published several technical and safety related articles for the International NETA magazine NETAWorld.

TDE always takes the lead in the electrical industry when it comes to improvements on safety and testing technology. Examples of this are:

  • TDE is one of the first electrical contractors adopting the use of arc flash personal protection.
  • TDE has the most up to-date test equipment available on the market.
  • TDE uses a database that best the suits customer needs.
  • TDE technicians are NETA certified with an abundance of field experience.
  • TDE technicians are continuously being trained in various educational programs.